Best Thrush Treatment


What is Thrush?


Thrush is an extremely uncomfortable infection that millions of people suffer from each year – mostly women, as the most common form of thrush is vaginal thrush.


Thankfully, this infection is not very dangerous, but due to how uncomfortable it is, it’s no surprise that many people want to find treatment as quickly as possible.


Thrush can affect women of all ages; it is not a sexually transmitted disease (although it is best to avoid having intercourse until the thrush has been cured), but simply a fungal infection that anyone is susceptible to.


Our Best Rated Thrush Treatment


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How to Diagnose Thrush


If you have thrush, there is no question about it – you will know something is wrong because of the high level of discomfort and inflammation you are experiencing. If you are pregnant, on powerful antibiotics, or have diabetes, the chances that you will develop thrush are somewhat higher due to changes in your hormone balance and immune system.


What Causes Thrush?


If you develop thrush, it may be of no wrongdoing on your part. Even those with the best hygiene, and who practice safe sex (or even abstinence) can develop thrush.


The fungus, candida albicans, is naturally present in the vagina, and for most women it will cause no health problems whatsoever.


When hormones get disrupted, however, the balance can be offset, which causes a rise in the fungal cell count, leading to inflammation, itching, and discomfort.


Most women will experience thrush at least once in their lifetime. While about 1% of women have thrush constantly throughout the year, over 5% have thrush over four times per year. If you have developed thrush, there is no reason to be scared – there are plenty of options for treatment available.


How to Treat Thrush


Thankfully, thrush can be treated quickly and easily. Many women choose to take an anti-thrush tablet, which can clear up symptoms after just two to five days.


Others prefer to use a topical cream which is applied directly to the site of the infection, and will quickly relieve itching, pain, and inflammation.


While vaginal thrush is uncomfortable and even potentially embarrassing for many women, it does not have to be something that keeps you down and out for long.


With so many treatments available on the market, you can be back up to par in no time at all. © 2011 • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use Natox